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Slow Loading Website

Website speed is very important for two reasons:

If your website takes too long to load your visitors are more likely to click the back button and go to your competition instead.

Website speed is one of the factors search engines take into account when ranking your site. The longer your website takes to load, the less of a chance that it will appear on the first page in search results.

At MB-sites we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make sure your website loads as fast as possible.

Broken Website

Is your website returning errors instead of your pages? Broken websites needs to be fixed as soon as possible, because it could be losing you a ton of business.

When your visitors find your website to be broken they will go elsewhere and chances are they won’t come back.

We can track down the issue and effectively fix you broken website.

MB-sites - Web Design East Sussex
MB-sites - Web Design East Sussex

Add More Features To Your Website

Adding extra features and functionality to your WordPress website is great and cost effective way to prolong the life of your website.

Would you like to start selling your services and products on your website? We can help!

Would you like to to connect your website with your social media accounts? We can help!

Would you like to set-up Google Analytics to get more data about your visitors, their behavior on your website so you can fine tune your site accordingly? You guessed it. We can help!

We Are Here To Help

If you have any issues with your WordPress website, don’t worry. Just relax and send us a message using the form bellow, or message us through Facebook Messenger in the bottom right corner.

If you’d like to add some extra features and functionality to your website, just get in touch and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours. Pretty much everything is possible.